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A new way to think about AI. Optimized for games.

SmartEngine is a C++ machine learning library developed with games in mind.

Machine learning has two primary applications in games.

Drive Character AI

Game technology is ever evolving. But as rendering techniques have improved year after year, AI remains stagnant. SmartEngine changes all of that.

Machine learning promises to improve non-player character (NPC) AI, delivering results that feel more human than ever.

Complex behavior leads to less predictability
AI can learn from player behavior and adapt over time
Enemy AI can reach super-human levels
Drive actions that are too hard to code by hand

Content Generation

Content creation is the most time consuming and expensive aspect of game development.

SmartEngine can help reduce these costs by aiding in the content generation process.

Generate tileable textures instantly from rough images
Create a base character mesh from a single portrait
Block out levels from a hand-made sketch
Produce natural looking animations on the fly

How does it work?


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All Game Engines

Works with all C++ game engines. Special integration for Unity and Unreal.

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Fast and scalable. GPU accelerated on Vulkan supported platforms.

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Flexible Training

Supports a variety of training options. Unreal and Unity helper classes train over the network.

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Fully Featured

Build graphs with all the components you'd expect, including 2D convolution and LSTMs.

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Easy to Use

Define graphs in json instead of code. Special classes and consideration for NPC AI.

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Extensive Examples

Get off the ground running with a suite of end-to-end examples with thought process documentation.


Download the demo (Windows x86) and experiment with training an AI yourself.

Source code to the demo is available on the GitLab repository.




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